Performance Art

Students enjoy singing and songwriting!

Students enjoy singing and songwriting!


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 10
Use your imagination and creative energy to the fullest in this class which explores the art of acting and improvisation. You’ll play theater games and exercises, work on scenes and characters, and rehearse a final performance for the Open House.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 8
Learn all about the mechanics of performance with an emphasis on improvisation and collaborative exercises. Work with the group to choose and interpret a text, develop basic acting skills, figure out how to stage a production and put on a simple show. Both instructors have years of performance experience.


Grades 2-4   Class maximum: 10
Stretch your imagination . . . let your creativity soar . . . get really silly! This course will engage your mind, body and personality as you create impromptu skits, learn fun improvisation techniques and games and even do some mime. The instructors are experienced thespians with tutoring and camp counseling backgrounds.


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 10
Here’s your chance to create a show from the start ≠ write a script based on improvisations, develop the characters through theatre games, and learn how to bring the whole performance together, including sets, props and costumes. You get to be the actors, directors, and producers all at once!


Grades 2-3   Class maximum: 10
An introduction to the fun and educational world of music! Do you like music? Have you thought about playing a musical instrument or do you already play? Do you want to learn cool things about all types of music? This class will introduce the amazing world of music through exciting activities with instruments, rhythms, notes, composers, and tons of other fun things. (There might even be some hands-on time with real instruments.) If you’ve played music for years or if you’ve never even seen a piano, as long as you’re MAD ABOUT MUSIC!, sign up so see all the great things you can learn.


Grades 2-4   Class maximum: 8
Stories can be explored in many ways – reading them, acting them out, making them up, improvising characters. In this course, you’ll try all these methods and maybe make up some new ones! You’ll create your own stories to perform for parents and friends at the end of the program. The instructors have experience with art and theatre and have done lots of teaching and babysitting.


Grades  4-6    Class maximum: 8                                                                                    Come get yourself in a theatrical mode before the spring performances at WES!  Solo performance is a style that is frantic, outlandish, and outrageously fun.  It’s the art of taking one body and jamming it full to bursting with the multiple minds, voices and hearts of uniquely different characters.  In this class we will explore the possibility of playing a villain, hero and sidekick all at once, and having a huge amount of fun experimenting with improvisation and creative play.  We will work on timing, body language, voice and the many other cues that help a spectator follow a conversation between imaginary characters like a robot and a tin can, or a lion and a mouse.  With no props and no stage, we can go as far as our imagination pushes us.


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 10
How do all those instruments in an orchestra work together to make beautiful music? What is the conductor doing up there with that baton? Whether you already play an instrument or not, this is a great way to learn about all kinds of instruments and music. You’ll play string, percussion, wind and brass instruments and hear orchestral music written especially for children, and maybe do a little composing on your own.


Grades 3-6   Class maximum: 12
Lights, camera action! This fun course is back with the same group of experienced instructors who’ll introduce you to some basic acting, singing and dancing skills and then help you stage a short musical production at the end of the program. If you’ve always dreamed of being on stage, this is your chance! Class meets twice a week.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 10
This course differs from Musical Mania in that you’ll write, design and produce an original musical theater piece. Learn theater games, tour the Adams Memorial Theater, brainstorm on script ideas, create costumes – you’ll be involved in all aspects of a show. Michael and Emmy are theater majors with plenty of experience directing, composing and acting.


Grades 2-3   Class maximum: 8
A different approach to theatrical performance, this course is based on a book called Reader’s Theatre. The class will break into smaller groups to read a play and make simple costumes. The groups will perform for each other, with a final performance taking place for parents and friends. Work on your reading skills while exercising your imagination and having fun. The instructors are familiar with this course and have taught at summer camps.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 8
This is an unusual opportunity to learn not American Sign Language, but actual signed English. After you pick up the alphabet and learn name signs, you’ll work on songs for a final performance, signing along with music. This course is very popular at the summer camp where Meredith has worked for the past four years.


Grades  4-6  Class maximum: 15                                                                                          In this class we will learn the basics of singing technique, like breathing and posture.  We’ll learn some Kodaly method, a really neat way of teaching/learning music.  We’ll also learn a little about rhythm and reading sheet music.  Mostly, though, we’ll just sing fun songs!  We’ll concentrate on classical music from all time periods, some with piano and some without, and learn how to harmonize and make beautiful music with our voices.  All voices welcome!


Grades 2-3, 4-6   Class maximum: 12
Simon says clap your hands, Simon says stomp your feet, Simon says a little LOUDER please! If you can do what Simon says, then this course is definitely for you. Steppin’ Up is an introduction to a fresh form of movement known as STEP. STEP is based on African-American dance and music styles involving stomping of the feet, clapping of the hands, and using different parts of your body as a musical instrument to make sounds, rhythms, and beats that everyone can enjoy. If you like to dance, perform, and have a good time while breaking a sweat, step up and show Simon what real stepping is all about. Children should wear gym clothes and sneakers and bring a bottle of water.

TELL ME A STORY! (a writing and acting adventure)

Grades 4-5   Class maximum: 10
Create a performance from your favorite stories and bring them to life on stage. You’ll learn some fun vocal and acting warm-up exercises, do some writing and editing, develop characters and dialogue, and do lots of acting.


Grades 2-3   Class maximum: 10
A fun and interactive way for children to learn more about theatre — no experience necessary. Children’s imaginations flourish with the use of props and improvisational skill. The emphasis is on imagination and fun! Children will have the opportunity to perfom their own pieces in the last week of class.


Grades 2-6   Class maximum: 12
The Ephlats are popular performers at WPS, and here’s your chance to learn how to sing like them. “A capella” means singing without instruments – you’ll have fun using your voice as the only music and learning to harmonize with a group. You’ll also sing with piano and guitar accompaniment. Some previous singing experience would be helpful, but isn’t necessary. Charley and Mary-Jane are currently members of the Ephlats. Ms. Swann, an accomplished singer, has experience performing and working with children.


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 7
Hollywood – watch out! This class will explore the ins and outs of movie-making, from writing a script to staging scenes to filming and editing the final product. You will travel to the Williams campus for filming and will take home a copy of the movie. Come prepared with ideas that you’d like to see on film – the first session is “script development.”