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Taking advantage of the winter weather!

Taking advantage of the winter weather!


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 16
Learn the basics and have fun playing chess. We will explore historic chess games, learn strategies and tactics to create an advantage, and record and analyze our games to learn from them.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 10
Learn the basics of this ancient game, based on the movements of warriors and kings. You’ll have lots of time to actually play, as well as learning strategies and watching experienced players. Chris and Rebecca look forward to sharing their love of chess.


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 10
Football fanatics, here’s your chance to extend the season. Join experienced coaches and players to learn more about this great game, from chalk talks to the details of the playbook to critiquing game tapes. Weather and space permitting, you’ll get to toss the pigskin around and run some plays yourself.


Grades 2-4   Class maximum: 15
Soccer to us is FOOTBALL to the rest of the world. Our goal is to work on our basic football skills and then move on to more refined skills as dribbling and shooting, being aware of positions on the football and our responsibilities. We will be exposed to various football playing styles such as that of Brazil, Germany, England, and the USA. Of course, we will play games every week and use the skills we have just mastered. Having a pair of sneakers is important as we will be playing in the gym.


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 8
If you like games and you want to learn more about them, this course is for you! In the first three classes we will explore three different types of games and strategies for playing them — card games (UNO, rummy, and spit), race games (Sorry!, Trouble, and Candyland), and family games (Clue, Life, and Monopoly Jr.). We will also introduce you to stories of games through history. Finally, using our new knowledge, we will create games of our own. Did you know that the oldest game, the Royal Game of Er, dates beack to 2500 years BC? If you want to know more, take Games Galore!


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 12
Why are some games so much fun while others are just kind of dull? In this unique class, you’ll play a bunch of different games and try to figure out what makes them tick — games of strategy and manipulation, card games, all kinds! You’ll develop ways to improve mediocre games and make them more fun and creative. Some of your suggestions might be sent to the manufacturers to see if they respond.


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 10
Do you like to play games? Figure out cool ways to solve problems? Puzzle your friends? In this course you will explore crazy paradoxes, games, optical illusions, logic puzzles, and much more!


Grades 2-3, 4-6   Class maximum: 12
Simon says clap your hands, Simon says stomp your feet, Simon says a little LOUDER please! If you can do what Simon says, then this course is definitely for you. Steppin’ Up is an introduction to a fresh form of movement known as STEP. STEP is based on African-American dance and music styles involving stomping of the feet, clapping of the hands, and using different parts of your body as a musical instrument to make sounds, rhythms, and beats that everyone can enjoy. If you like to dance, perform, and have a good time while breaking a sweat, step up and show Simon what real stepping is all about. Children should wear gym clothes and sneakers and bring a bottle of water.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 8
Proud Warrior, Child’s Pose, Downward Dog — what in the world do these terms mean? In this class, you’ll learn some basic yoga techniques and positions. Yoga is very popular these days, and for good reason — it’s fun, it’s relaxing, and it’s good for your body and mind! Participants should wear loose, comfortable clothing (jeans not recommended!) Mats will be provided.

Basketball vs. the college students!

Basketball vs. the college students!