In the Kitchen


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 10
Take a gourmet trip around the world as you learn about several different countries, including Japan, Israel, Italy and Mexico. Each class will include a fun project and a dish that reflects the unique character of its country of origin. This class is taught at Hopkins Hall — after meeting in the cafeteria, students will walk there with the instructors.


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 6
“Basta” means “enough,” but who ever gets enough pasta? This different kind of cooking class takes you through the preparation of an entire Italian meal: Antipasti (appetizer), Primi Piatti (first course), Secondi Piatti (second course), Contorni (side dish) and Dolci (dessert). Students will travel to a kitchen on the Williams campus and return to WPS for pick-up.


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 10
For adventurous eaters only! You’ll learn fun cooking techniques in this class while you create and sample dishes from Mexico, Asia, Italy, India and Greece. Students will meet in the cafeteria to be driven to Lambert House on Hoxsey St., where parents can pick them up after class.


Grades 2-4   Class maximum: 8
You might already know a little Spanish (or a lot) or you might just be interested in learning some. Can you think of a more fun way to learn a language than through food? This course will introduce you to the language and culture of Spain while you make (and eat!) appetizers, main dishes and desserts.


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 8
Forget about Burger King and Friendly’s! Here’s your opportunity to expand your horizons and explore some kinds of food you might not be familiar with. Every week you’ll learn about a different part of the world and create some tasty treats from that region. Possible areas of exploration include Central and South America, Africa, the Middle East, India and Europe.


Grades 4-5   Class maximum: 8
Explore different countries and cultures by making some of their native dishes! If you love to eat and want to learn how to cook some new and exciting dishes, this is the class for you! We will cook a meal from a different country each week and learn a little bit about the culture and some words from the language of five different countries: Italy, Korea, India, China, and Mexico. Buon appetito!


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 8
Dessert is everyone’s favorite part of the meal, and this course focuses on goodies from all over the world! Every week you’ll learn about a different country and make a sweet treat such as baklava (Greece), jellabis (India), natilla (Venezuela) or cannolis (Italy). Better yet, you get to eat them!


Grades 2-3   Class maximum: 6
Pasta as an art form? Tim thinks so — he’s from a family of chefs and wants to share their pasta secrets with you. You’ll make pasta from scratch (and even from potatoes!) and then use pasta to do magic, create art, make faces. Of course, you’ll get to eat some, too. Better bring an apron or smock — this could get messy! Tim is an experienced pasta maker and camp counselor.


Grades 2-3   Class maximum: 10
Tired of your parents telling you not to play with your food? Well, you’ll still have to mind your manners at home, but in this course, you can mess around all you want – you’ll be making art with food: fruit and veggie people, gingerbread houses, cookie sand art and re-creating famous paintings with unusual ingredients!


Grades 5-6   Class maximum: 8
Trying new foods is one of the great opportunities of travel – here’s your chance to sample the gastronomic delights of the world without leaving town. Explore the culture and cuisine of Mexico, Germany, Japan, Africa and China. This course will meet at a kitchen on the Williams campus; students will be transported to and from WPS.


Grades 3-4   Class maximum: 8
Everyone loves to eat, but how often do you think about where your food comes from and where it goes? You’ll not only get to make some yummy food in this course, you’ll play food games, draw food pictures and visit Caretaker Farm to learn about farming and composting. Plus, you’ll plan and prepare a final dinner for your families at the Open House.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 12
Everyone loves to eat – wouldn’t you love to cook, too? You’ll learn basic techniques of mixing, measuring and making meals, with a different focus each week: finger foods, breakfast treats, dinner feasts and of course, fabulous desserts! Classes will be held in kitchens on campus, with small groups and plenty of supervision.


Grades 4-6   Class maximum: 6
What could be better than going around the world on your stomach? Each week, explore the cuisine of a different country, including Poland, India, Ireland and others. Learn basic baking and kitchen skills as well as the history and culture of some fascinating countries. Don’t forget to bring some goodies home to your family! Anne taught AIL last year, and both instructors love to cook.